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Steve McQueen Parfum D’Homme

Submitted by on March 22, 2011

For those of you who can’t get enough of Steve McQueen, now some you can splash some of his coolness on everyday.

“Steve McQueen, the  Hollywood icon and the bearer of the King of Cool title, was also a passionate race car driver and motorcycle rider, is perpetuated by the perfume of his name. Steve McQueen Parfum D’Homme is a new project of the McQueen brand.

The Steve McQueen fragrance embodies the timeless elegance, charm and mysterious character of the man who inspired it, both tough and sensitive, handsome and mysterious, melancholic and mischievous.  This is a fragrance that reflects the man whose appearance set the standards of masculinity and elegance.

The perfume composition was blended so that each aroma reflects one aspect of Steve’s personality, so that it can revive the legendary King of Cool by the medium of smell. The result is powerful and unforgettable.

Steve McQueen Parfum d’Homme includes an aura of a complex personality, evoking a range of different emotions.

Excellent, sophisticated and daring fragrance, without being intrusive, it begins with a refreshing burst of green and citrus notes leading the way to a powerful heart of spices, supported by a wooden base.”

Steve McQueen perfume  is available in a collectable limited edition box from JOCHEN70. Click here to buy

Motorsport Retro readers can also win a bottle just by commenting on Motorsport Retro or our Facebook Page

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