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Brooke Wingrove Motorsport Art

Submitted by on September 30, 2011

Brooke Cooper Wingrove is inspired by all the right things; the thunder of a racing Porsche, Castrol R, vintage Formula One and the Isle of Man TT, to name a few, and his motorsport art reflects these inspirations brilliantly.

His works span everything from hand-painted classic motorsport signage, to linocut prints, to some suitably tactile artworks that use corrugated steel and brushed aluminium for a canvas.

He has an exceptionally good eye for producing simple and strong compositions, and his 917 Flat Out and 1970 Salzburg Porsche 917 Letterpress Print are particularly good examples. They capture iconic motorsport imagery in an emotive and sophisticated way, and do an excellent job of conveying a sense of speed and momentum.

His works are for sale through the website, where he offers custom artworks as well.

Images via www.brookewingrove.com


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