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HSRCA All Historic Spring Photo Gallery

Submitted by on September 28, 2011

The Historic Sports and Racing Car Association of New South Wales took over Wakefield Park this past weekend, letting a glorious collection of historic sports and racing cars loose on a slippery circuit and producing an excellent weekend of historic racing.

The Spring event included an Australian Specials feature forĀ one-off cars built in Australia before the end of 1960, with a racing history established in that period. The Aussie Specials feature introduced some stunning, storied and truly unique cars to the HSRCA’s historic mix, and was excellent fun.

As always the racing was action-packed, and only made better by damp and icy weather which produced an excellent challenge for driver and car alike. The challenge was one which the drivers of the HSRCA were more than up to, and they displayed some stunning driving and close racing over the course of the weekend. The pits and paddock buzzed with a friendly and fun atmosphere and were a pleasure to explore.

Enjoy this gallery of photographs from the weekend, and head to HSRCA.com for more.


Photographs by Seth Reinhardt

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