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Video: Miniature V12 engine

Submitted by on November 29, 2011

Fans of motor racing traditionally get excited about V12 engines.  There is just something about the sound, complexity and power of this configuration that stirs the soul. Enzo Ferrari was of course famous for his love of both flat 12 and V12 designs, however in this clip we find a man called Patelo with a similar passion, who has created a miniaute V12 engine that is quite simply, a work of art.

The V12 engine is hand made using traditional methods, but runs on compressed air injection. The tiny unit displaces 12 cc with the stroke of each piston at just  10mm. The engine is constructed from stainless steel, aluminum and bronze and each part is hand made except the screws.

Showing true style, Patelo dedicates this engine to his grandchildren Sara, Carmen, Jose and Pablo.



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