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Video: Mansell stars in 1983 BBC Rally Sprint

Submitted by on December 14, 2011

What happens when you pit four rally drivers and four grand prix drivers in identical MG Maestros against each other around Donnington? “The best race and rally sprint we’ve ever had”, according to Murray Walker.

From rallying we have Pentti Airikkala, Stig Blomqvist, Jim McRae and Tony Pond. From grand prix come Nigel Mansell, Danny Sullivan, Derek Warwick and John Watson.

The cars are identical 110 horsepower MG Maestros that look to be running skinnier tyres than my daily drive.

And the racing is door-to-door, three abreast ,“I don’t care when you brake, I’m braking later” mayhem. Excellent.

Enjoy the video, which features the action-packed ten lap race from the 1983 BBC Rally Sprint.

Thanks to Mike D for the tip.

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