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For Sale: 1983 Lancia 037 Martini Rally Car

Submitted by on December 1, 2011

Lancia 037For sale over at AutoCollections.com is this glorious 1983 Lancia Rally 037 Martini Rally Car.

Here is the official blurb:

With the 037 having been conceived solely as a means for Lancia to win the World Rally Championship, no-one was particularly surprised when the competition version made its debut just days after FISA had officially granted the car homologation into Group B.

Lancia 0371Typically weighing in around 200kg lighter than the 1170kg Stradale, some 037 competition cars were little more than 960kg although this did vary according to the nature of any given event. Wheel size and width also varied, but when in definitive tarmac trim, the stock 037’s 16-inch diameter rear wheels were exchanged for taller 18-inch pieces and shod with Pirelli’s latest generation P7 Corsa tyres.Lancia 037 martini

Other set-up changes included a 5mm drop in ride-height and while Lancia’s hands were tied by FISA when it came to making major changes to the 037’s underpinnings, there was considerable scope for engine developments.

In this first batch of 1982 cars, Abarth’s diminutive two-litre was tuned to produce no less than 280bhp thanks to an increase in supercharger pressure and compression (from 7.5 to 8.0:1). There were also new Champion N84G spark plugs and a problematic Bosch mechanical fuel injection system that was periodically exchanged for Weber carburettors during the course of the year.Lancia 037 interior

The gearbox was a five-speed Abarth-modified ZF unit with single-plate Valeo clutch and ceramic alloy gasket. Although bodywork for these first series cars was identical to the high-winged Stradale’s, when they were finished in Martini’s stunning livery, Pininfarina’s beautiful design was given a new air of urgency.

Inside, what little soundproofing Lancia had fitted to the road car was removed along with all unnecessary trim, the stock dash getting extensive Borletti instrumentation while competition seats with harnesses were also fitted. First shown to the press in Turin during mid-December of 1981, Lancia had built the 200 necessary Stradale’s by late March ’82 and homologation was confirmed in time to compete in the Costa Smerelda Rally beginning on April 1st.Lancia 037 engineID# ZLA151ARO00000318
1 of 20 Racing Version Cars EVO.1 with the colors of Martini Racing.
Purchased by the current owner in 1989.

Priced at US$450 000

For more info visit AutoCollections.com

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