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Top Five of 2011: Rally

Submitted by on January 4, 2012

Henri Toivonen: Racing driver!

People often say that rally drivers are the most talented in the sport, and very few have succeeded at both levels: You are either a rally driver or a road racer.

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Video: Tribute to Colin McRae

Colin McRae was one of the fastest and most spectacular drivers to ever put on a helmet. He was the 1991 and 1992 British Rally Champion and in 1995 fulfilled his dream of  winning the World Rally Championship, in a Subaru.

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Video: Ayrton Senna: Rally Driver!

In 1986, Ayrton Senna was on the crest of Formula 1 greatness. The Brazilian’s speed and dedication was never in doubt. His single-minded attitude to racing is well documented, and is brought out in the fantastic new Senna movie. However, how many of you knew that he spent a day rallying?

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Ari Vatanen: “For a long time I didn’t know how close to death I had come”

My brother alerted me to another new hero, when he taught me about rallying and Ari Vatanen, a Finn and an accident waiting to happen but never seemed to. On the limit x10. Anyone who goes through a cattle grid flat-out, with a flat tyre having just scraped the wall and barely a lift gets my vote.

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When Group B Rally cars went racing

Strap in, sit tight, and watch the most outrageous rally cars ever built, racing each other in the European Rallycross Championship – and a novel idea…

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