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Groovy Gear: Historica Classic Race Wear

Submitted by on February 24, 2012

One of the joys of historic motorsport is really getting in to the theme of it all by going a bit retro and rekindling the warm, friendly atmosphere of the golden eras of motorsport. It’s a bummer to be snapped out of your retro reverie by a dayglo pink helmet from the future.

Happily, Historica are set to keep everything congruent by providing racing and driver accessories that correspond with the age and period of our classic cars and bikes. They provide race suits and boots, helmets, goggles, clothing, bags and accessories which conform to the reminiscent requirements of retro racers.

The best part is – they offer bespoke racewear, team design and helmet painting services, so you can get your gear made to measure as you like/want/need it!

Head to the Historica website at www.historicaracewear.com to check out their gear

Photos via Historica

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