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Top 10: Best of Motorsport Retro

Submitted by on February 3, 2012

Best of The Cahier Archive: Ayrton Senna

Ayrton Senna by Cahier

This feature gallery from the Cahier Archive contains images of the immortal Ayrton Senna.

Hit this link to view the full gallery

Climb Dance

Ari Vatanen Climb Dances

One of the greatest motorsport videos of all time, this classic short film shows 1981 World Rally Champion Ari Vatanen completely attacking The Pikes Peak International Hillclimb on his way to a record breaking run in 1988.

It’s required-reading for every retro motorsport fan!

Video + Photos: 2012 Pirelli Calendar

The brief is simple. Commission leading photographers to capture the world’s most beautiful women on film for the exclusive calendar, which is only available as a gift for royalty, celebrities and VIP customers.

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Martin Donnelly: The luckiest man alive, part one

“For Martin Donnelly to have survived that accident was an act of God,” said Warwick. “That accident could happen another five million times, and in every one of them he would be dead. To be honest, he should not have survived. The only reason I drove today was that I was happy he was okay.”

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And click for parts two, three and four.

The 1980 Paris-Dakar from behind the handlebars of a Vespa

Paris Dakar on a Vespa

The Dakar rally is probably the most gruelling and dangerous motor race in the world.  Motorcyclescars, quad bikes and trucks compete, not so much with each other, but with the race itself, to survive each year’s course. Competitors slog through each mile in danger of serious injury and death.

In 1980 a French team of 4 riders, put together by Jean-Francois Piot, decided that this all sounded wonderful and that they would enter the race. On their Vespas.

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Greg Moore, part 1. Mark Webber remembers

Greg Moore. It’s a name that stirs emotions and memories, happiness and sadness all in one go. This five-part column will celebrate the life of the Canadian that was cut so short, and try and pass on some of the fun that everyone around him experienced before he sadly lost his life at the tragically young age of 24.

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Parts two, three, four and five

And now for something completely different– Elf’s Experimental bikes from 1978 – 1988

Elf's Experimental Bikes

Imagine the ideas and technology that can come about if the dudes tinkering away in garages late at night are racing engineering experts, funded by the seemingly bottomless coffers of French petroleum giants. That is just what Elf decided to do when it began a program of experimental motorcycles that lasted from 1978 to 1988, searching for that innovation that would propel their riders, and their brand, to the top of the podium.

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Legonds: Historic Race Cars in Lego

Incredible creativity, workmanship and design abound in all of them, from the simple but unmistakable W196 to the ridiculous detail of the Jaguar. Amazing work!

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Video: James Hunt punches marshall

James Hunt crashes his McLaren and is clearly dazed in the shunt. He then thinks he must be in the pub and gives the marshall a right hook.

They don’t make them like they used to!

Retro Martini Racing Gear

Retro Martini Racing Gear

Star of the range is the uber retro light blue jacket, famously worn by Argentinian legend Carlos Reutemann. The jacket sports the Martini Racing logo on the chest with the iconic red white and blue stripes down the sleeves. Its made from 100% Polyester and retails for 149 Euro.

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