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Video: Colin McRae Tests a Jordan Formula One car

Submitted by on April 3, 2012

Jordan 196

1995 World Rally Champion Colin McRae and Formula One icon Martin Brundle swap cars in this video, giving each other an insight into their chosen motorsport disciplines and some brilliant joyriding opportunities along the way.

The pair head out to Silverstone first, where they have a chat about the track, racing lines and grip before McRae takes them out in his Impreza 555 for a lesson in massive drift.

It’s then time for the swap – McRae heads out for a few laps around Silverstone in the Jordan 196 before Brundle hops in the Impreza and goes flat-out on the dirt. The video features some great commentary and camaraderie from the drivers as they chat about their experiences in the different cars, along with some excellent footage of two talented men adapting incredibly quickly to very different styles of motorsport.

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