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John Krsteski Retro Motorsport Art

Submitted by on May 4, 2012

John Krsteski's Motorsport Art

The talents of the motorsport community never cease to amaze me; especially in their breadth and quality. And it’s not all just big power and astonishing aerodynamics – we delve into the cultured side of life as well to create things of meaning and beauty.

The latest talented chap we’ve encountered is John Krsteski, a Design Manager for Hyundai who dabbles in automotive art. And his work is absolutely stunning!

His current collection focuses on Indycars, with a light garnish of sportscars and formula cars. Vibrant and emotive, it really captures not only the beauty of his subjects, but also the energy, joy and relentless pace of motorsport.

Enjoy the sample gallery below, and make sure to head to his website here for more.

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