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Photo Gallery: Vergne and Raikkonen pay tribute to Hunt and Alesi at Monaco

Submitted by on May 26, 2012

Check out these super cool tribute helmets being worn by Jean-Eric Vergne and Kimi Raikkonen at Monaco this weekend.

Kimi Raikkonen is sporting the classic black lid made famous by 1976 world champion James Hunt.  It’s not the first time Raikkonen has shown his admiration for the the British Playboy’s style, having entered a snowmobile race using ‘James Hunt’ as a pseudonym.

Vergne meanwhile is acknowledging the Indy 500 debut of his fellow countryman,  the flamboyant Jean Alesi. Its also worth noting that the Alesi’s helmet design was inspired by Elio DeAngelis’ classic red, white and black helmet design.



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