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Photo Gallery: Best of Brad Fox

Submitted by on May 18, 2012


A veteran of broadcast television and advertising, with a background in visual art and illustration, Brad Fox has turned his considerable creative talents to his love of motorsport and desire to capture the essence of historic racing in Northern California.

And that’s something truly worth striving for. The cars, bikes, and boats of the golden ages of motorsport may be beautiful and even inspirational on their own, but it’s the people who sat in, on and around them and filled the decades with incredible stories of courage, determination and triumph that make it all worth celebrating.

The essence and spirit of racing is hidden somewhere in there, and we love to see new generations of people out there creating and capturing new stories.

Read on for Brad’s story, and get in contact with him to pick up a few prints.

I have visual art background and degree in illustration from School of Visual Art in New York.

After 15 years of creating visuals for broadcast and commercials in Manhattan I moved to the Bay Area to work in the feature film industry. Over the past 10 years I have been a visual effects artist on over a dozen major films.

With Northern California’s incredible natural beauty and vast motorsport culture, my passion for motorsport and photography has been renewed. For the past ten years I have been focusing my efforts on refining my photographic skills and striving to convey the richness and excitement of vintage and pro racing of the area.

For information on ordering prints of any of these photos contact brad@bradfoxphoto.com

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