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Photo Gallery: Best of Seth Reinhardt

Submitted by on May 29, 2012

The historic motorsport scene is tremendously strong in Australia, with all manner of magnificent machinery taking to tracks around the country every few weeks to hang it all out and go racing.

But the action, interest and excitement isn’t just happening out on the track. The pits and paddocks at historic events buzz with a friendly, energetic atmosphere, and are great places to get in amongst it, make a few new mates and catch up with a few old ones.

And it’s there where moments of motorsport magic are made. Where the artifacts of racing, those little somethings which a casual observer may not even catch and yet which mean so much, are found; where people are busy creating stories and atmosphere; where the soul of historic racing is found. So it’s there where I like to wander, searching for moments and trying to capture those illusive images which convey the spirit, mood and atmosphere of historic racing.

Enjoy this gallery, which takes a look at the historic motorsport scene New South Wales, with a little Victorian action to boot.

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