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Retro Motorsport Art: Stuart Row

Submitted by on May 17, 2012

Brock VK Group C Commodore

Our never-ending search for excellent retro car art has most recently turned up Australian photographer Stuart Row and his unique Photoshop-manipulated vehicle portraits.

The creation of one of his works begins with a still-life photo of the car itself, whether it’s a historic racer, hot rod, or even a modern supercar. Then, by seeking out and photographing ambient details from a brick wall to a spot of rust, Stuart compiles a portfolio of layers to be digitally combined, creating the perfect background for the subject.

“The background usually reflects elements of the race car livery overlaid with texture layers to create an interesting setting for the car,” he explains.

Stuart started out with airbrushes and oils paints, but found the capabilities of Photoshop to best suit the VK Group C Commodores and ’34 Ford Indy Specials he loves.  He now travels historic racing gatherings in search of new subjects as well as old potentials he recognizes from childhood.

“I really enjoy creating images of cars that I only ever saw in books and magazines as a kid. It’s great to see these cars are still in action and admired just as much now as they were 30 years ago.”

Stuart’s photos keep them admired.


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