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Best of Dale Kistemaker – Engines

Submitted by on June 18, 2012

Renault Turbo

“Not everyone gets to meet the heroes of their youth. Rarer still is to find that these men are more than you ever expected: Human and real and still very much heroes.”

This is the latest in our series of photo specials showcasing the wonderful work of Dale Kistemaker, spanning one of the most exciting eras of motorsport – the early ’80s.

This month – engines!

I love engines because they are loud. They spit fire and pop and splutter and propel mad, brave and skilled people to tremendous speeds and impossible feats. They make racecars move about through the power of explosions. And this, I feel, is the best way to make things move about!

They are visceral things that are felt, heard and smelled a lot more than they are seen, but they are also beautiful things; full of incredible intelligence, design and efficiency.

So take a moment to peruse and enjoy these engines, mostly from the turbo era of Formula One, as captured by the talented vision of Dale Kistemaker.

Images: © Dale Kistemaker, poeticsofspeed

Get in contact with him at this link to buy prints of these photographs

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