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For Sale: Freddie Spencer’s 1983 NS500 & 1985 NSR250

Submitted by on June 1, 2012

Freddie Spencer’s NS500 & NSR250

These two championship-winning motorcycles, from Freddie Spencer’s 1983 500cc and 1985 250cc championship seasons, are up for sale as a pair over at RMD Motors.

In 1983 Freddie Spencer usurped Mike Hailwood‘s title as the youngest ever rider to win the 500cc championship, when he edged out Kenny Roberts in the final race of the season to win his, and Honda’s, first 500cc title by just two points.

He did it riding the NS500 for Honda and it was on this particular bike that he rode to victory at Monza and Anderstop, and to third in the final race of the season, when he clinched the title at Imola.

Two years later, in 1985, he went one better, putting in a superhuman effort to win both the 250cc and 500cc championships in a single year – the only person ever to do so. Honda’s NSR 250 was his 250cc machine for the championship.

Like the ’83 NS500, the ’85 NSR250 is one of just two bikes, with the other pair stored in the Honda museum. Spencer took four of his seven wins on this particular bike, and rode it to fourth at Silverstone to claim his 250cc title. After Spencer’s historic 250cc/500cc double, safety rules were implemented to ensure that nobody could try to win both titles in a single year, a rule, according to Spencer; “loosely referred to as the Freddie rule.”

These stunning and storied machines will only be sold as a pair, and I certainly hope that they remain that way. It looks as if they’re being sold by Spencer himself, and we wish him all the best.

Head over to RMD Motors for more information.

Via RMD Motors

Images via RMD Motors

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