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Game On: rFactor 2 Loves the ’60s

Submitted by on June 8, 2012

1966 Monza in rFactor 2

The team atĀ Image Space Incorporated have been hard at work on the follow up to their hit racing simulator, rFactor, and have been busy building content celebrating the golden eras of Formula One.

rFactor 2 currently features recreations of Spa, Monza and Monaco as they were in 1966, and the team has licensed Formula One cars from each decade of the sport. Their goal is to have a machine to represent each evolutionary step the sport has taken.

Most recently they have finished the 10 kilometer 1966 layout of Monza, complete with those hair-raising old bankings; a project that took over seven months of research and building. Also new is the Brabham BT20 – the car which Jack Brabham drove to become the first, and only, man to win a Formula One championship in his own car when he took both the drivers’ and constructors’ championships in 1966.

There’s plenty more on the way and the team has an obvious passion for the sport and project. We can’t wait to see what they get up to next, and to give it a test drive!

Check out the video below, which provides a preview of Monaco and a selection of cars from 1966 though to 1969.

You can learn more about rFactor 2 on their website here, and you can get in early by pre-purchasing and taking part in testing here.

Via rFactor

Images via rFactor

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