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Mercedes-Benz Racing Posters 1908-1955

Submitted by on June 6, 2012

Check out these amazing racing posters from Mercedes-Benz. All the special victories are celebrated from the 1908 French Grand Prix through to Fangio’s victories in 1955. Enjoy.

1908 French Grand Prix: Victory at the French Grand Prix was in those days equivalent to winning the world championship today. The victor in 1908 was Christian Lautenschlager in a 140 hp Mercedes, followed by Héméry and Hanriot, both driving the 120 hp Benz.

1954 Italian Grand Prix: Two different monoposti bodies were used in 1954: the classic variant with free-standing wheels, and one with streamlined body

1937 Tripoli Grand Prix: The new season was launched not only with this exceptionally colourful poster, but also with a win for Hermann Lang in a Mercedes-Benz.

See them all at the Mercedes Benz Classic Site

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