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For Sale: Ford GT40 Replica

Submitted by on July 27, 2012

Ford GT40

The Classic Throttle Shop has for sale  stunning tribute to one of the world’s most famous sports racing cars.

This scratch built Ford GT40 was constructed we are informed circa the mid-eighties.The story that we have managed to find out so far is that it was built by a group New Zealanders in NZ at the time and was copied from an original GT 40 Chassis that was under restoration # P1041The level of detail and work that has gone into the build of the car is truly superb. To the point that we had to question whether or not it was a copy or a real car! We had a known GT 40 specialist from the UK who is ex Gelscoe Motorsport inspect the car and confirm that the he had not seen the level detail on any other GT 40 Replica. Even items like the correct spot welds for the fuel tanks and ribbing of the panels on the chassis are done look exactly like an original car. He also commented that it would cost a fortune to do this these days.

As far as the components used to build it there has been no compromise there either. All the items are here, the 200 mph speedo, the original rear view mirror, the correct seating trim, the lighting front and rear. Even the period BRM wheels are correct with original Halibrand knock offs are there.

Mechanically the engine is a 302 Windsor 5.0 litre V8 as used in the later Mrk 2 cars and is running period Gurney Eagle heads with the correct GT 40 extractors and quadruple 48 Ida Webers. The Gearbox is a ZF 525-2 which is correct for Mrk 2 and 3 GT 40.

All the suspension components and brakes are as original specs and could be interchanged with an original car.

With prices for a real GT 40 now around 1.5 million pounds for a front running historic car this superb scratch built car is available at a fraction of the cost.

Ford GT 40

Monza Blue/White
5 Speed Manual
5.0 litre V8
11,273 miles showing
A$ 249,995

More information? Please call us on 02.9922 2036 or write an email: sales@classicthrottleshop.com


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