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Gear: Speed Jewellery- Alan Jones Solid Gold Ring

Submitted by on July 31, 2012

Formula One World Champion Alan Jones has joined forces with Colin Burn and Patrick Wedes to create a new brand of jewellery for motorsport fans. The brand is called SPEED Jewellery, and this 18 carat solid gold and diamond ring from Jones’ 1980 championship year is their first headline piece.

Their collection is based around the wheel as a symbol, and includes some of Jones’ favourite car and motorcycle wheels from everything from street drift cars to Formula One machines.

This particular piece, limited strictly to 50 numbered and made-to-order rings, is inspired by the wheels of the FW07 Williams in which Jones claimed the 1980 Formula One World Championship.

Each ring is made from 18 carat gold with inset diamonds and comes complete with a certificate of authenticity and a personally-autographed photographic print from Alan Jones.

It’s an interesting concept and we’re looking forward to seeing what they do with it, especially with all of the potential to be mined from classic race cars.

So, what wheel would you turn into jewellery?

Via Speed Jewellery

Images via Speed Jewellery


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