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Gear: Live2Race Classic GT range

Submitted by on July 17, 2012

Ford GT 40 T shirt

Check out Live2Race‘s range of Classic GT t-shirts featuring some the most iconic racing machinery on the planet.

Live2Race GT 40 t-shirt

This t-shirt from Live2Race shows the legendary GT 40, Ford’s answer to Ferrari’s LeMans domination, which went on to win four times and become the ultimate 60’s supercar.

T-shirts come in

Available in black or navy.

100% quality soft cotton.

Sizes Small to XL:

Price £20.00 with FREE worldwide shipping. Order here

Live2Race GT 500  t-shirt 

The Shelby developed GT 500 was the ultimate Mustang, made famous by the car heist movie Gone in 60 seconds.

Available in slate grey or black or mid blue.

100% quality soft cotton tees.

Sizes Small to XL:

Price £20.00 with FREE worldwide shipping Order here

Live2Race Viper t-shirt 

Dodge stunned the GT racing scene with its V10 8 litre truck engined GTS Viper coupe,

It featured raised sections above each seat for racing helmets.(very cool)

It went on to be the Indy 500 Pace Car in 96 Available in striking flame red, mid blue, or sport grey.

Made from 100 % quality soft feel cotton.

Sizes Small to XL

Price £16.50 with FREE worldwide shipping Order here

Images: Live2Race

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