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For Sale: Westfield XTR2

Submitted by on August 28, 2012

Westfield XTR2

The team at Classic Throttle Shop have this sleek Westfield XTR2 for sale.

This super quick car was built for a doctor in WA who intended racing it in Targa and Hill climbs  It is powered by a 1299 cc Suzuki Hayabusa motor and weighs a mere 440 kg. Constructed on a lightweight tubular space frame chassis it is made for one thing and one thing only, going really, really fast.

The car has participated in some minor club events and is believed to be the only one in Australia. From the moment you press the go button this car is thrilling, select first gear on the six speed sequential and hold on to your hair in this lightning quick race car. Having the motor from the fastest production motor cycle ever built, thrust the lightweight racer along is mind-blowing to say the least, this is an exhilarating white knuckle ride for both driver and passenger that will leave you grinning from ear to ear every time.

In an episode of the famous British TV show “Top Gear” the Westfield XTR2 surprised the show’s hosts by being quicker around their track than the Pagani Zonda. The Westfield XTR2 is a member of the Bike Engined Car (BEC) class of vehicle that are becoming very popular at Track Days.

2 Seater open Race Car
6 Speed Sequential
1299cc Suzuki Hayabusa
434 kms
A$ 49,995

More information?
Please call Classic Throttle Shop  on 02.9922 2036 or write an email:  sales@classicthrottleshop.com


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