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Commemorative Brock Marlboro stamp causes uproar

Submitted by on September 28, 2012

Brock Stamp

The use of Marlboro branding on a Australia Post stamp commemorating 50 years of the Bathurst 1000, has generated a major uproar from the poltically correct minority.

Australia Post, a government agency, has released a range of four collectable stamps to celebrate 50 years of touring car racing at Mount Panorama in the lead up to this year’s Bathurst 1000.

The “offending” stamp featuring Brocks most famous winning machine, the 1979 Marlboro HDT Torana A9X, which won the race by 6 laps,  features Marlboro livery despite Tobacco sponsorship of sport in Australia being stubbed out in 1992. Its worth noting that scale replicas of this model can not be sold with original Marlboro branding.

Lynette Traynor, from Australia Post, said her team worked with race organiser, V8 Supercars, on selecting the images and the sensitivity of the Marlboro livery was considered.

‘‘The idea was that there would be something that featured the two major brands, Holden and Ford, and a general Bathurst shot, which was the racetrack itself,’’ she said.

‘‘And because he was the King of the Mountain we wanted to do something about Brock as well.’’

Thankfully for purists, Australia Post did not photoshop out the logo on the stamp.

‘‘We felt that that was very much a recognisable part of him at the time, and of the car,’’ she said.

‘‘We felt to remove it, would not be faithful or authentic. With the graphic effects and the cropping we have lessened it slightly.

‘‘If we were to remove it, we would effectively be playing with history.’’

Debate is raging on the Drive website and in social media. What do you guys think?

It is also worth noting that so far no one has complained about the vibrating penis in the top right hand corner.

Oh and here are the other stamps in the series.





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