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The Magic Racing Car Models of Alistair Brookman

Submitted by on November 27, 2012

Alistair Brookman's Racing Car Models

“My name is Alistair Brookman and I make 1:12 scale fully hand-built model Grand Prix Ferraris.”

From the humblest beginnings can come the most extraordinary things.

These models are 1:12 scale works of art, sought after by the most serious of collectors and historic racing fans. They’re built by hand from metal;┬ábrass, aluminium, stainless steel and co, with great precision over the course of many months and they drill down to extreme detail like removable body panels and individually-modeled hexagonal heads and rivets.

Alistair Brookman's Racing Car Models

Alistair’s aim when building them is to create a realistic representation of the original racing car and emphasise its historic significance. What he’s created goes well beyond that. They’re absolutely mind boggling; truly extraordinary recreations of magic machines.

Check ’em out and make sure to head to his website here for more.

Images via Alistair Brookman

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