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For Sale: 2006 Chevron B16 Continuation

Submitted by on December 12, 2012

2006 Chevron B16 BMW

Historic motorsport, to me, is about getting out to a racetrack with your mates, talkin’ life, racing cars and everything, tinkering with beautiful old machines and racing.

A continuation, then, is absolutely perfect! They’re made to original specification, occasionally by the factories and even technicians who were building and working on the cars in the period, and they classify for FIA Historic Technical Passports.

This stunning Chevron B16 BMW Continuation is just the thing. It comes with HTP papers along with a freshly-installed BMW M10, FT200 gearbox, uprated driveshafts and brakes incl. originals, modified pedal box to fit longer legs and a big collection of spares. It even includes a detailed history file which will help you get up and running with setup information for European tracks.

So all you have to do is pack up, and go racing!

Via Cheshire Classic Cars

Images via Cheshire Classic Cars

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