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Video: Chris Harris Drives an F1 Car

Submitted by on December 2, 2012

“You’ll think, God, I couldn’t possibly go any faster because it’s sliding at this speed even. Whereas in fact, once you burst through that and get the tyres and brakes working, you’ll just be staggered at how much grip it’s got.”

A drive in a Formula One car is an experience that really piques my curiosity. My heart wants a seat in something from the ’80s, ideally, but the sheer potential of the cars from the ’90s and ’00s is intriguing to me.

Chris Harris has a crack at it in this video, hopping into Mark Webber’s old Jaguar R5 for a few laps around Silverstone. It features some great on-track adventuring and comment on what it’s like to drive a Formula One car of that era, but the real highlight for me is the brilliant discussions with Martin Brundle.

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