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Gear: Vintage Racing Today DVD

Submitted by on December 5, 2012

Vintage Racing Today

“Rather than put their race cars behind museum velvet ropes, these car owners have opted to race their historic cars the way they were designed and purposed…at over 100 mph around world- famous race tracks.”

Vintage Racing Today, directed by Ben Cissell, is a feature-length documentary which delves into the depths of vintage racing to see what makes it all tick, promote it to the world and celebrate beautiful old cars duking it out on the track.

When director Ben Cissell attended his first ever historic meet, the Gold Cup at Virginia International Raceway in 2009, the spark was set in his heart and he began capturing footage that would eventually become Vintage Racing Today. He began by following Zapata Racing, but the project quickly grew within the community to feature all of its many aspects, and many different events.

The DVD’s recently been released for an eminently reasonable $25, and looks to be well worth a watch for anyone into the historic racing scene. To the Christmas lists!

Enjoy the extended trailer below, and head to the Vintage Racing Today website here to pick up a copy and learn more about it.


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