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Top Five of 2012: MotoGP

Submitted by on January 8, 2013

Legends: John Surtees

John Surtees left motorcycle racing at age 26 with the number one on his machine. It’s a fact quoted many times since Casey Stoner announced that he’s retiring.


Legends: Wayne Gardner

In 1988, Swan Breweries showcased leading Australian sports people in television advertisements, with the catchline: “they said you’d never make it”.

In a first for Australian motorcycling, reigning world 500 champion Wayne Gardner was featured. It was further proof of how much Gardner’s achievements changed local perceptions of motorcycling racing.


Legends: Kevin Schwantz

Want a racer who delivered excitement? Think Kevin Schwantz.

He had spectators on the edge throughout his ten-year road-racing career – typified by his snaking pass on arch-rival Wayne Rainey in the last heavy braking area of the 1991 GP at Hockenheim.


Legends: Wayne Rainey

Driven might be the best one-word description of Wayne Rainey. Driven to beat arch-rival Kevin Schwantz and fellow Californian dirt tracker Eddie Lawson.


Video Documentary: Kevin Schwantz – World Champion 1993

Kevin Schwantz – 1993 Motorcycle World Champion and one of the sport’s most exciting, hardworking and loved riders.


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