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1966 Bathurst 500: How Mini Tamed The Mountain

Submitted by on March 21, 2013

1966 Bathurst 500: How Mini tamed The Mountain

The Mountain. It’s a compelling, evocative and powerful name for a place which has forged the legend of some of the greatest machines, drivers and events in Australian motorsport history.

It’s also a big, majestic and commanding title. Not at all like that of the machines which conquered it back in 1966, with a little cunning.

Minis had been crushing their more voluminous competitors at circuits and rallies around the world, but it would be their success at Bathurst that secured their position in Australian Motorsport history.

The story of how Bob Holden, Rauno Aaltonen, the BMCA works team and a Mini conquered Mount Panorama is a fascinating one and you can check it out over at the Shannons Club here.

Check it out in full by logging in to the Shannons Club.

Image thanks to Autopics.com.au

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