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Allan Moffat’s ‘Cologne’ RS3100: Australia’s Wildest V6 Capri

Submitted by on March 15, 2013

Mark-Allan Moffat Cologne

It’s one thing to be a born racer, with talented toes, fast fingers and the guts, determination and drive to put them to good use on the track.

It’s another thing all together to secure and develop the right car through which all that can truly shine.

Allan Moffat enjoyed both, especially when it came to a particularly good relationship with the global entity that is Ford Motor Company.

Which is how he was able to secure a very rare and very fast ride for sports sedan racing in 1975, in the form of his quad-cam, fuel injected, 450 bhp RS 3100 ‘Cologne’ Ford Capri factory-built race car, fresh from the 1974 European Touring Car Championship.

The car was an absolute beast, and you can read the story of its development and the pair’s fight for the inaugural Australian Sports Sedan Championship by logging in to the Shannons club here.

Check it out in full by logging in to the Shannons Club.

Image thanks to Autopics.com.au

The Shannons Club

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