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Studebakers and The Great Race: Potential Unfulfilled

Submitted by on March 28, 2013


Conrod Straight. Even today it stretches the longest legs in Australian V8s, providing ample room and even a little downhill push to reach top speed.

And back in the early to mid ’60s, the longest legs in the paddock belonged to Studebaker’s Lark.

The Lark may not have had wild supercar styling, but it had performance where it counted. Its mighty V8 happily sent it thundering towards 200 kilometres per hour down Conrod.

So why didn’t it ever manage an outright win in The Great Race? Studebakers and The Great Race: Potential Unfulfilled looks into the story of the Lark performance on The Mountain, and ponders just that.

Check it out in full over at the Shannons Club here.

Images thanks to Autopics.com.au

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