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Groovy Retro Gear: Racing & Emotion Art Egg & Art Ball Collections

Submitted by on April 18, 2013

Pink Pig Art Ball

If you’d asked me what I was planning on writing about when I sat down this morning, I very much doubt that I would’ve replied with “Art eggs!” And yet here we are, because these groovy eggs are off the chain.

So – what on earth are we blathering on about, with this egg and ball malarkey? The Egg Chair was originally designed by Arne Jacobsen for the lobby and reception areas in the Royal Hotel back in 1958. A few years later, in 1963, a young designer named Eero Aarnio designed the Ball Chair. These two designs, very retro-chic these days, aimed to take a fresh look at a very simple and commonplace piece of furniture.

The ‘Art Egg‘ and ‘Art Ball‘ collections from Racing & Emotion take these iconic designs and marry them to another set of iconic designs – the great racing liveries of motorsport’s history.

And they’re amazing. The ‘Art Ball’ collection is the most prolific, and my personal preference, with liveries from Gulf to Jim Clark’s Lotus 25 to Martini’s famous and unusual 917/20 ‘Pink Pig’ represented.

The Gulf livery makes a return in the ‘Art Egg’ collection, and joins the likes of John Player and more.

These design masterpieces don’t come cheap, however, and will set you back anywhere from US$5,500.00 to US$5,785.00 for an Art Ball to US$6,485.00 for the Art Eggs.

Check out the full collections over on R&E’s website here.

Images via Racing & Emotion

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