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Rickman Metisse for sale

Submitted by on May 2, 2013

Rickman Metisse

This 1965 Rickman Metisse is genuine, complete with a letter from Rickman confirming the frame’s manufacture date, and in great condition. It’s up for sale over at Godin Banks.

The bike employs Triumph power in the form of a 500cc motor, which received a full rebuild by a BSA/Triumph specialist as recently as 2011 and has only had minimal minor mileage put on it since.

Rims are Borrani alloys and the bike features Ceriani front forks. The body work has also recently received a fresh coat of paint and is in good nick.

This Rickman Metisse is a fine example from one of British motorcycle racing’s great names—and you can pick it up for £6,995!

Check out Godin Banks’ website here for more.

Via Godin Banks

Images via Godin Banks

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