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For Sale: Matra F1 MS 120 V12

Submitted by on May 17, 2013

Matra F1 MS 120 V12

It’s worth it to be able to hop into the featherweight, 485 horsepower monster, light it up and play the glorious 11,000 RPM symphony that is its Matra V12.

The car is ex-Chris Amon, who raced it during the 1971 season and again in ’72 with a few upgrades. He took a win for its debut in the non-championship round in Argentina and claimed its best ever result of third in the Spanish Grand Prix later in the year.

’72 saw the car receive ‘C’ specifications and an adjusted body and engine, which helped Amon claim 6th and 4th in Monaco and Brands Hatch respectively, before the car was retired.

It then went on to have a successful historic racing career, particularly in the Monaco Grand Prix Historique, in which it won its category in 2008. It’s since been entirely rebuilt and is race ready with fully original specifications.

It’s up for sale over at Art & Revs Luxembourg, who you can contact for more details.

Via Art & Revs Luxembourg

Images via Art & Revs Luxembourg

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