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Video: The Lifeblood of Historic Motorsport

Submitted by on June 14, 2013

J&L Fabricating: An Old Fashioned Story

Head to any historic racing weekend and you’ll see the full gamut of classic racers out on the track being pushed to their, and their drivers’, limits. It’s wonderful.

But there’s a lot of tinkering that goes in to getting that classic out onto the track, and keeping it out there performing its best. Wander the pits and paddock, and you’ll see all sorts of machinery in all sorts of undress, being pulled apart, put back together, fixed, and fine tuned. And it happens at all levels – from huge trucks crammed full of specialised personnel and gear, to a lone dude working on his pride and joy with a select set of special tools and a few buddies to help out in a pickle.

And amongst them, are the guys from J &L Fabricating, who provide the knowledge and passion to keep the classic racing machine well-oiled and rolling. This excellent short documentary from eGarage, J&L Fabricating: An Old Fashioned Story, tells their story.

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