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Buy One Get One Free: 1964/5 Volkswagen Pick-Up with Porsche Formula V

Submitted by on July 31, 2013

1964/5 Volkswagen pick-up Porsche Formula V

I don’t know which member of this delightful little historic racing duo I like more: the supremely-rare Porsche single-seater open-wheeled racer, or the gorgeous VW pick-up!

Happily, you’ll get both if you decide to pick up this race car/pick-up combo from Jan B. Lühn.

1964/5 Volkswagen pick-up Porsche Formula V

Built by Porsche and supported by the factory, the Porsche/Formcar Formula V is a rare member of a very small family of race cars – Porsche single-seater, open-wheeled racers – and is one of just two remaining.

Recognising the importance of Formula V as a launchpad for young driving talent, Ferry Porsche and Huschke von Hanstein got involved in the series in the early ’60s. This meant acquiring and developing some cars, and so the Porsche/Formcar Formula V was born.

1964/5 Volkswagen pick-up Porsche Formula V

The racers had 1200 cc VW Bug engines, which could put out a monumental 40 bhp and push them up to the not-to-be-trifled-with speed of 160 km/h.

Hans Hermann, Gerhard Mitter and Ben Pon raced this car in its time, and it has since been restored to that glory and received suspension, brake and engine testing and set up.

1964/5 Volkswagen pick-up Porsche Formula V

And, to get it to the track, it comes with a period-correct fully-restored and modified 261 pick-up to match the Porsche Renndiensts which Porsche had originally used to carry their Formula Vs to races. Stunning!

Head to Jan B. Lühn’s site here for more.

Images via Jan B. Lühn

1964/5 Volkswagen pick-up Porsche Formula V

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