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Five memorable Goodwood FoS crashes caught on film

Submitted by on July 15, 2013

goodwood crash

The Goodwood Festival of Speed turned 20 on the weekend, let’s take a look at some of its all time hairiest moments.

1. 1994 – Mike Wilds Ferrari 312T

Watch as Mike Wilds takes to the skies in spectacular 360-degree fashion whilst piloting the 1978 Ferrari 312T of Gilles Villeneuve in 1994. Powered by a 3L naturally aspirated flat-12 making somewhere in the vicinity of 500hp, the 312 came unstuck following a reported collapse of the rear right suspension, which some onlookers argue you can see in the earlier stages of this clip. Wilds suffered various injuries, including a broken leg.

2. 2010 – Lotus Judd hits the hay bales

The ’89 Lotus Judd features a 3.5L V8 that generated 620BHP. Weighing around 500kg and shod with huge 16.25×13 inch rear boots, there’s no wonder it became quite a handful when a short burst of wheel spin drew to a sharp conclusion in 2010. The cause for the accident was said to be a failed rear suspension component (sure).

2. Dihedral instability – 1972 IndyCar

It’s the calm after the storm that makes this clip hurt the most. Watch as a very embarrassed (unnamed) driver waits quietly for the recovery crew after bending the Dihedral-wing equipped 1972 IndyCar of Andretti fame.

3. 2012 – Rod Millen Toyota Tacoma

On Saturday we shared an earlier clip of Rod Millen wrestling with the brutal acceleration of his Toyota Tacoma throughout the length of the tight Goodwood course. Built in 1998, the ‘unlimited class’ chrome-moly chassis was victorious at Pikes Peak in both ’98 and ’99, thanks in no small part to its highly developed, 2.1L four cylinder engine and it’s 800hp output. Millen returned with the car in 2012, dropping a wheel onto the grass under full throttle during the Top 20 shootout, spearing him into the hay. The car was said to have been capable of accelerating from 0-100km/h in just 1.6 seconds.

5. 1994 – Jaguar XJ220

Wilds wasn’t the only entrant of the 1994 FoS unlucky enough to come unstuck before the event was out. The driver of this Jaguar XJ220 found themselves on the pointy end of a distinct lack in anti-lock brakes, the ensuing slide saw the stunning 342km/h supercar hurdle off the course.

By Jack Drewett

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