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Video: On the Hunt – Monaco 1975

Submitted by on September 30, 2013

When a moment between James Hunt and Patrick¬†Depailler resulted in an accident at the 1975 Monaco GP, Hunt saw red and in the heat of the moment after skidding into the barrier, decided to hang around on-track next to his wrecked car so that he could give the still-running Depailler a piece of his mind as he rounded the bend. The best part was, it wasn’t even the last time that¬†Hunt’s hands would come in contact with a marshal!

Of course the race marshals attempted to stop him, however their attempts on the day paled in comparison to Hunt’s zeal, who broke free of their grip and made his way onto the track to do the famous deed, with the lasting result being this incredible piece of classic Formula 1 footage.

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