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Made in Australia: Jim McKeown and the world’s fastest Lotus-Cortina

Submitted by on September 14, 2013

Shannons Club


“We had some pretty hectic races I can tell you. I particularly remember the fight we had for the 1966 South Australian Touring Car Championship at Mallala (single race format). There wasn’t much left of either of our cars when we’d finished!” – Jim McKeown

There were a few very quick Lotus-Cortinas tackling the Australian circuit in the ‘60s. Bob Jane and the Geoghegan brothers had quick cars, Allan Moffat’s ex-works ’64 Lotus-Cortina was making waves and Jim McKeown’s Neptune developed car was something else.

Allan Moffat, with all of his experience racing Lotus-Cortinas locally and a keen eye on their development in the UK and United States, made no bones about which car he thought was the fastest. And he went beyond the Australian field, declaring Jim McKeown’s Neptune Racing Lotus-Cortina the fastest in the world.

Find out why over at the Shannons Club in Made in Australia: Jim McKeown and the world’s fastest Lotus-Cortina.

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