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The 10 most beautiful Ferrari Formula 1 racers

Submitted by on September 20, 2013

Ferrari F1 line up

There’s something special about each car Ferrari builds for Formula 1 – some have penned the history books, others have proved disappointing, and of course many have been champions. Ferrari has been involved with Formula 1 since its infancy, meaning that they’ve prepared cars for every incarnation of the F1 racer. These are the 10 most beautiful.

Ferrari 1953 553 F21953 – Ferrari 553F2

Does having carried a driver to a World Championship constitute a more beautiful Formula 1 racer? Perhaps, however in the case of the 553F2 it’s a mute point, as the 1953 Ferrari entrant is stunning even without its champion merit. It features clean, polite lines that don’t demand your attention. For us, the highlight is the tiny windscreen, which Alberto Ascari peered through whilst fighting his way to an overall season victory.


Ferrari 246 F11958 – Ferrari 246 F1

Seen here thundering along the bank of Italy with Mike Hawthorn behind the wheel, the shape of the 246 F1 conjures thoughts of that unmistakable V6 scream. Elegant yet unrefined, aggressive yet understated – the 246 F1 is our second pick from the first decade of beautiful Ferrari Formula 1 racers.


Ferrari 156F11961 – 156F1

If low profile is your thing, then the 156 F1 that Ferrari campaigned three years later is likely occupy prime real estate near the top of your list. Better known by its nickname “Sharknose” for obvious reasons, the 156F1 saw Ferrari to victory with Phil Hill behind the wheel in 1961. A truly beautiful shape.


Ferrari 312 F1-671967 – Ferrari 312 F1-67

The 312 F1-67 wasn’t a winner, and it doesn’t even matter. With one of the great profiles racing of any discipline has ever seen, everything about the  shape of the F1-67 screamed ‘speed’.


Ferrari 312 B21971 – Ferrari 312 B2

Big wing, an angry splitter and some seriously wide rubber – the 312 B2 used in ’71 was capable of casting a mean silhouette from any angle. Team that with a glorious flat-12 engine and a set of those iconic gold wheels, there’s little here not to like.


Ferrari 312 T51980 – 312 T5

This one’s sure to stir some controversy – the 1980 312 T5 was a bit of a dog when it came to performance, however memories of Villeneuve wringing it’s neck will never fade. With angles in (most of) the right places and one of the all-time greats doing his bit behind the wheel, the 312 T5 scrapes together just enough nostalgia to make our list of top 10 most beautiful Ferraris.


Ferrari F187/88C1988 – Ferrari F187/88C

By 1988 the demands function had well and truly overtaken the importance of aesthetics, and the shape of Formula 1 machines had become even more of a product of optimal downforce than ever before. Despite this, the F187/88C still looked incredible – perhaps it’s the knowledge that this was the final evolution of the ill-fated 80s turbo era, or maybe it’s that memorable win against McLaren at Monza, either way the F187/88C easily makes our list.


Ferrari F1 901990 – Ferrari F1-90

We best remember the F1-90 for facilitating the landmark achievement that was Ferrari’s 100th F1 victory. Seen here carrying the legendary No.1 decal courtesy of Prost, the wide body, angular dual-wing structure and gaping front-mounted intakes make this one of our favourite modern F1 cars.


Ferrrai 412T11994 – Ferrari 412T1

V12 power, the return of the gold rims and a swashbuckling Jean Alesi at the wheel – the 412T1 of 1994 was a spectacular sight. The 412T1 was also symbolic for the efforts of Gerhard Berger, who gifted Ferrari with a long-awaited GP victory at Hockenheim. And it looks great wet.


Ferrari F1 20002000 – Ferrari F1-2000

For many of those who recall being mezmerized by the seemingly unstoppable force that was Schumacher during ‘that’ five year window, this is the greatest Formula 1 race car ever built. The F1-2000 brought Schumacher his first Championship whilst wearing red, and returned the drivers title to the Scuderia after a 21-year gap. This car won ten races, took 10 poles, and it’s easily one of the 10 most beautiful the marque has ever produced. A beauty indeed.

Images: The Cahier Archive

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