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The Ultimate Rider Returns This October

Submitted by on September 16, 2013

The Ultimate Rider

Aussie Moto GP great Daryl Beattie and his team are returning to Australian airwaves this October, with a new series of The Ultimate Rider set to air on Digital Channel One.

The reality TV series will pit six rookie motorcycle riders against each other in a competition that will test their riding talent, mental composure, fitness and discipline as they compete for $20,000 cash.

2012 Ultimate Rider Champion Glen Scott used his winnings to launch a professional riding career aboard a Honda CBR1000RR in the Australian Superbike Championship, and the focus of the series is clearly on serious riding talent, so it should be a great watch.

Make sure to tune in to Digital Channel One on Saturday October 19, 2013 to catch the first episode, and head to the official site here for more.

Read on for the official word from InsureMyRide.

Image via InsureMyRide 

InsureMyRide – The Ultimate Rider Season 2 Coming Soon

InsureMyRide is pleased to announce the return of the hit reality TV series, The Ultimate Rider which sees 6 rookie motorcycle riders from across the country compete for $20,000 cash in a new look series, that launches on Digital channel One, in October.

The 8-part series is as much about riding talent as it is about mental composure, fitness and a disciplined commitment to be the best.

InsureMyRide – The Ultimate Rider will see six competitors including NSW female rider, Sophie Lovett live together in a concentrated and intense competition environment.

Champion Moto GP racer Daryl Beattie has searched the nation and hand-picked some of the best racers to start in the Series, which will see each compete across a variety of riding disciplines in the series known as “Dirt v Road” as he searches for a winner, worthy to be called InsureMyRide’s Ultimate Rider.

There will be spills and thrills, laughter and tears as the rookie compete in some of the fastest sweeping road circuits, the adrenalin charged Moto-X, dirt tracks and the cross discipline known as the Motard.

But, what the rookies don’t know is that their journey could end at any moment.

“This Series gives race fans a look behind what it really takes to become a serious competitor on two wheels and with the pressure of competition and only one winner – this is a ‘game-on’ situation. The talent in the Series is massive and it’s about each competitor harnessing their skills to deliver when it counts the most”, said Beattie.

Joining Beattie as fellow Judge on the Series, is leading International rider trainer, Bernie Hatton who has trained young stars across Asia and Europe and knows exactly what it takes for a rider to be competitive on the world stage.

“We have set the challenges up to let the best rider shine across a multi-genre Series that will determine who has got what it takes. Sure, these guys and girls can ride quick – but I’m looking for more than that. They have to keep in control, be efficient, safe and be able to put it all together on dirt, road or mud. I’m looking for the complete package, someone who can make it happen when the flag drops and that ain’t easy” said Hatton.

“The best thing about InsureMyRide The Ultimate Rider is that anyone can make it in the sport, no matter from what walk of life, they come from,” added Beattie.

In 2012, NSW rider Glen Scott won the inaugural Series and used his $20,000 first prize to launch his pro riding career under Glen Scott Racing, on board the Honda CBR1000RR in the Australian Superbike Championship.

Marketing Manager of InsureMyRide, Mark Behr added, “ the motorcycle community is a passionate and involved group who love their sport and the two wheel lifestyle. We are committed to being part of that whole involvement and it’s fantastic that we have been able to create a Series that has had some much interest from competitors and the viewers alike. Viewers will also have every opportunity to be involved with the TV Series on One, as each week we give bike-fans the chance to win a brand new Honda CBR500R sports road bike.”

InsureMyRide The Ultimate Rider launches on Digital Channel One on Saturday October 19, 2013.

Hitting the starting grid for The Ultimate Rider Series 2 is:

Ben Henry
Age: 32
Lives: Gold Coast, Qld

Aaron Morris
Age: 21
Lives  Newcastle, NSW

Name: Brayden Elliott
Age: 18
Lives: Tumut, NSW

Name:  Jake Ralph
Age: 24
Lives: GoldCoast, Qld

Name: Matt Berry
Age: 21
Lives: Newcastle, NSW

Name: Sophie Lovett
Age: 23
Lives: Sydney, NSW

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