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Video: Monza 1956 Highlights

Submitted by on September 7, 2013

Sterling Moss - Monza 1956

Always a spectacle, the Monza Grand Prix has played host to some incredible racing over the years. Today, we take a video tour of one of our favourites – the 1956 Italian GP.

Memorable from start to finish, the ’56 Monza GP kicked off in a confusing fashion due to technical difficulties with the timing equipment – imagine the uproar if that happened today! The race went on to include all of the ingredients which made retro Formula 1 racing such an unpredictable and entertaining sport to watch; ill-conceived racing tactics, high profile duels, spectacular crashes and of course, that incredible mix of raw driving talent and gentlemanly behaviour which is so sorely missed today.

Highlights included Musso and Castellotti breaking away from the rest of the pack in the early laps, pitting themselves against each other in such aggressive fashion that their tyres were soon spoiled. Fangio, Moss, Collins and Schell sailed past as the pair of Ferraris were forced to pit, signalling the commencement of a battle which would determine the winner of the race.

Watching the field scream around the long forgotten banks of Monza against the thunder of engines such as the 2.5L Maserati six of Stirling Moss is an experience in itself, however it’s scenes such as race leader Collins handing the wheel over to budding champion Fangio following the retirement of his own car with a broken steering arm which really set this Grand Prix aside from the pack. Moss went on to win the race despite running out of fuel with just 5 laps remaining, thanking his team mate Piotti for taking the time to slow down to push him back to the pits for a top-up.  

Image: The Cahier Archive

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