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1985 Bathurst 1000: Attack of the Tom Cats

Submitted by on October 30, 2013

Shannons Club

Walkinshaw’s Jaguar XJ-S at Bathurst

 Image thanks to www.autopics.com.au

The Mountain takes no prisoners. Tom Walkinshaw learned this the hard way in 1984 after clocking nearly 300 kilometers an hour down Conrod and scoring a spot in the top ten for Hardies Heroes, only to have his XJ-S’ clutch fail and never get off the start line.

1985, however, would be a very different story.

Tom Walkinshaw Racing was back with a trio of BMW-blitzing V12 Jaguar XJ-S coupes and a team drilled by three years of intense competition in the European Touring Car Championship.

They had all the required pieces in play, and were about to put on one of the most exciting runnings of The Great Race ever seen. Head to the Shannons Club for their story.

Image thanks to www.autopics.com.au

Thanks to the Shannons Club

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