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Video: Retro drift – the craziest use of weight shift you’ll ever see

Submitted by on October 19, 2013

Katsuhiro Ueo AE86 in car

Shot sometime around the last turn of the century, this piece of retro-Japanese video goodness showcases some of the most extreme steering hand work we’ve ever come across. Enjoy!

One of the beautiful things about motor sport is that every niche within it has a retro story to tell. For the relatively new pursuit of drifting, the most popular era of nostalgia surrounds the late 1990s to early 2000s. From within that golden age, few names conjure up fond memories like Katsuhiro Ueo.

Katsuhiro Ueo AE86Ueo Katsuhiro rose to celebrity status during the early days of competitive drifting, when he used raw driving skill and aggression to wrestle his under-powered yet perfectly balanced, naturally aspirated four cylinder Toyota AE86 to victory against far more modern cars sporting large single turbos and near triple his power output. He became champion of D1GP (Japan’s national drifting series) in 2002 after winning at Bihoku, and has remained a legend ever since.

2005bThe star of countless YouTube clips, it is for this that he is best remembered. The quality of the recording might be average, but the driving most certainly is not. Watch in awe as he loads up the car aggressively in one direction before flicking it against the wall  Enjoy!

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