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Gallery: 2013 F1 cars wearing retro liveries

Submitted by on October 21, 2013

2013 F1 Tyyrell livery

Take a look at these eight amazing retro renderings, which demonstrate what the Formula 1 racers of today might look like if there were to wear the liveries of yesteryear. Each is indescribably cool in terms of both concept and execution, enjoy.

Graphic design wizz Matt Hillman has done an absolutely spectacular job putting these creations together. He’s part of a talented team calling themselves Escape Artist – someone at Formula 1 should give them a job!

Take a look at theirĀ Facebook page.

2013 F1 Brabham livery 2013 F1 Lotus Livery 2013 F1 Jordan Livery 2013 F1 Bennetton livery 2013 F1 Hesketh livery2013 F1 Marlboro Livery 2013 F1 Williams livery

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