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Gallery: Legends of the Turbo Era

Submitted by on October 29, 2013

Datsun WTACRaw, flame-spitting turbocharged power of yesteryear made a return to Eastern Creek Raceway last week. Unfortunately, not all escaped unscathed.

Recently we ran a post talking about Time Attack and the use of crazy retro cars for this relatively new form of racing. A little over a week ago the largest event on the global Time Attack calender was held at Eastern Creek Raceway (Sydney), and as part of the show a selection of awesome retro race cars were brought out to play. Pixelnerd was on site to capture all the action.

Allan Moffat SA22C RX7This meant that there was plenty of nice hardware kicking around, both new and old.

Datsun Nissan Bluebird 1Examples on display included some old favorites,

Audi Quattro S1Some faithfully recreated replicas,

Evolution Motorsport 944And some modern interpretations of earlier shapes, such as this 944 Turbo built by Evolution Custom for Open Class.

resize_IMG_8919Of course the best part was re-aquanting ourselves with some familiar faces, like Skaife’s old HR31.

Gibson BNR32 GTRAnd of course, the legendary BNR32. Seeing classics like this out on track being driven in anger gave the crowd a real buzz, which was great to see.

Ferrari F40 Eastern CreekAll the race cars in the world can’t compete with a regular Ferrari F40 in terms of sheer head-turning ability. This car wields the power to bring out the boy in every grown man.

Rothmans Metro 6R4Unfortunately things didn’t always go to plan. During its run this real-deal Rothmans Metro 6R4 pulled to the side of the track, completely ablaze.

Rothmans Metro 6R4The damage was severe. A sad sight indeed.

Check out the rest of our gallery thanks to Pixelnerd here:

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