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Visions in Vinyl: The Motorsport Art of Joel Clark

Submitted by on October 10, 2013

Joel Clark Retro Motorsport Art

Images: Joel Clark

In the digital world artists have more mediums and tools available to them than ever. Joel Clark has mastered many of them; creating his art on everything from a computer, to iPad and the traditional oils on canvas, but in finding his niche and inspiration, he ended up going in a very different direction – to vinyl.

And his subject? The golden age of motorsport.

Joel Clark James Hunt

Growing up breathing the octane-rich air of Silverstone kickstarted Joel’s motorsport obsession, and it only grew stronger as he absorbed the vintage racing events in the area, and when he took his first job making vinyl stickers for race teams.

After years at art college and as a creative in the advertising industry, Joel’s returned to vinyl to create hand-cut artworks of classic racing cars and liveries.

Joel Clark Gulf Livery

His work is striking, stunning and totally unique. Check it out, and make sure to head to his website for more.

To commission your own work, or purchase an original or print get in touch with Joel by sending him an email at joel_a_clark@hotmail.com or calling 07530 680199 (England).

Images via Joel Clark. Artist.

Joel Clark's Retro Racing Art

Joel Clark's Retro Racing Art

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