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Motorsport Retro Films Episode 1: VMX – A lifelong passion

Submitted by on October 1, 2013

Motorsport Retro is proud to introduce you to our latest project – Motorsport Retro Films.

Each episode will be a celebration of the passion that motorsport evokes in people like us. Our goal is to tell the unique human stories and articulate the fascinating relationships enthusiasts have with their machines and their chosen motorsport.

Our first episode features Carl Blecher, a dirt bike rider of more than fifty years experience who’s done it all.┬áHis passion for motocross has included stints as a semi pro racer, a career as the owner of Northside Motorcycles and his role as the president of the Heaven VMX club. Carl has a fleet of wonderfully varied vintage motocross bikes including a 1964 Triumph Metisse, 1981 Maico 490, 1981 Yamaha YZ250 and a stump pulling 1984 Honda CR 500. In this clip Carl shares his passion and explains the personality of each bike.


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