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Taki Inoue – Formula 1s unlikely hero

Submitted by on October 11, 2013

Taki Inoue Tatra

Taki Inoue spent a year driving Formula 1 back in the 1990s, and never scored a single point. Now thanks to the internet, he has gone on to become the most unlikely hero the sport has ever seen.

Reading through the story of Taki’s career, you can’t help but feel sorry for the guy. He ran a full season without any success, was knocked off a tilt-tray onto his head, run over by a marshall car (pictured) and promptly forgotten after failing to secure a ride in 1996. It seems like Taki just couldn’t catch a break back in the mid 1990s – but times it seems, have changed.

Taki Inoue Monaco crashHe finished 8th once, however is best remembered for the aforementioned incidents involving safety cars and tilt-trucks. Now at the age of 50 and with the assistance of his infectious sense of humour, Taki’s luck has shifted dramatically – he’s become an internet celebrity.

Taki Inoue Twitter

After a long hiatus from most things F1-related Taki started ‘tweeting’ his thoughts, and it turns out he’s funny – very funny. Describing his own Formula 1 career as a “nightmare”, Taki’s laid back approach to laughing at his own failures has put him at odds with what you’d expect of a professional racing driver. Fast forward to the present day, and he’s boasting a shade under 25,000 followers and has ‘tweeted’ more than 19,000 times. He’s now being paid by Lotus to do his thing on the world-wide-web – Taki is famous.

Taki Inoue Senna poster

Taki’s social media efforts have gathered momentum, and now once again he’s made space for himself amongst Formula 1 fans. These are some of the best Taki Tweets:

Funny Taki Inoue Tweet

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